A bird's eye view of Spain

They are all different but they all have something in common: they all offer a different point of view of the destinations in question. Although it may seem like a contradiction, from a distance, they help to bring these destinations closer and provide a context for what we visit in detail, either before or after. ·

One of the most stimulated sense when we travel is that of sight. A beautiful natural landscape, a city filled with history or a monument can all be the perfect excuse for visiting some of the lookout points in this section.

Torre de Collserola

1.   Torre de Collserola:   Barcelona at your feet 

The silhouette of Torre de Collserola is now an iconic image of Barcelona. Inside, it houses the best lookout point over the Catalan capital. Its location, on the Tibidabo mountain, also gives visitors the chance to discover the Collserola Park, the green lung of Barcelona.

Torre de Collserola is a great feat of engineering. Built to improve the telecommunications system with a view to the Olympic Games in Barcelona, it was opened in June 1992. It was designed by the prestigious architect sir Norman Foster and included collaboration from the Ove Arup & Partners studio for the technical details.

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Mirador del Fito

2.   Mirador del Fito lookout point, in Arriondas (Asturias): with the Picos de Europa as a backdrop 

This is a unique place that enables you to see the horizon sinking into the Bay of Biscay and the snow covered profile of the Picos de Europa, at the same time: a stellar alignment between the mountain and the sea. The Fito lookout point has been enjoyed by visitors to this part of the Principality of Asturias for 80 years now.

El Fito is situated in Arriondas, a small town belonging to the council of Parres , bordering with Ribadesella, to the east of Asturias. To get there, you need to follow the road towards Colunga. Once you arrive at the mountain pass from which it takes its name, there is a space reserved for visitors. After leaving your car and going up a gentle slope and a few steps, you reach the top.

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Mirador del Río

3.   Mirador del Río lookout point, in Lanzarote:   view over the island of La Graciosa 

The famous and renowned artist César Manrique is the person who has best known how to respect the essence of Lanzarote and to marry it with art and aesthetics. In the Mirador del Río lookout point, he mixed art and nature like never before. This work now offers a privileged view over the island of La Graciosa and the Chinijo archipelago, enabling the visitor to integrate with the landscape. But the lookout point itself is also a small work of natural art.

On this occasion, the river is not a river as such, but rather the arm of the Atlantic ocean that separates Lanzarote from the Chinijo archipelago. It is a natural park made up of the islands of La Graciosa (the only one which is inhabited), Alegranza, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste.

Art and nature united...come and discover it!


Mirador de San Nicolás

4.   Mirador de San Nicolás lookout point, in Granada:  a World Heritage view 

The Albaicín, the old Jewish quarter in the Realejo district, the modern and active urban centre and, in the foreground, the Alhambra: these are some of the panoramic views the Mirador de San Nicolás offers. There is a reason why it is one of the most popular destinations of visitors to Granada, a city which offers tourists infinite possibilities.

“From there I saw the most beautiful sunset in the world.” In this case, it is impossible to refute the ex-President of the USA, Bill Clinton. He, like many others, was captivated by the view offered by the Mirador de San Nicolás.

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Mirador del Puente Nuevo

5. Mirador del Puente Nuevo in Ronda (Malaga): a sheer drop into a city 

The Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) in Ronda is the protagonist of one of the most famous scenes in Spain: a stone arch that seems to hold in place the two halves in which the Guadalevín river leaves Ronda. Not for this reason, every time a person sees this monument they are left open-mouthed in admiration.

The first option to appreciate the Puente Nuevo de Ronda in its full splendour is to look out from the viewpoints of Plaza de España or Calle de Ernest Hemingway, in the new part of the city, just by the entry to the bridge. You have to defy the feeling of vertigo caused by the Tajo de Ronda ravine, the drop of almost one hundred metres until the bed of the Guadalevín.

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Mirador del Duque

6. Mirador del Duque lookout point and the river Sil canyon:  the sacred river that links Lugo and Orense 

The river Sil is a source of life and wealth in the region of Galicia known as Ribeira Sacra. It is an area rich in monasteries, vineyards and vantage points from where you can look out over the flowing river. The river Sil is sheltered by mountains that seem to open up to let it through only to close behind it.

The course of the river Sil through the Ribeira Sacra is quite spectacular. The river, which flows from El Bierzo towards the Miño, is like a never-ending blue snake being pursued by stone giants. At many points on its route, the difference in level between the river and the mountains reaches 300 metres.

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El balcón de Europa

7. The Balcón de Europa, in Nerja (Malaga):  a foot in the Mediterranean 

The Balcón de Europa forms part of Spain's collective imaginary thanks to a television series: Verano azul.. This figurehead which rises over the Mediterranean gives visitors the chance to enjoy a privileged view of the coast of La Axarquía, Malaga.

La Axarquía is a historical region of Andalusia situated to the east of the province of Malaga. Nerja is one of its biggest towns. Until a few years ago its inhabitants made a living from fishing or the sugar cane industry. Today it is a first class tourist destination.

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Mirador del Valle

8. Mirador del Valle lookout point in Toledo, the city of the Tagus River 

Curiously, the best way to see Toledo is to leave the city. The ring road, or Ronda del Valle, offers the best perspectives of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. This route allows you to appreciate details sometimes missed among the network of narrow streets, churches and noble houses in the historic district. The result is a postcard of this historic city.

Toledo sits on a promontory surrounded by a wide meander of the river Tagus. On the one side we have the city, world heritage site and testimony of three civilisations: Moorish, Jewish and Christian. On the other side, a series of hills offer panoramic views of the city.

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El balcón del Mediterráneo

9. The Balcón del Mediterráneo, in Tarragona: a journey back in time to the Roman era 

There are few places as devoted to their past as Tarragona, a city which has been declared a World Heritage Site. Looking out from the famous Balcón del Mediterráneo over the amphitheatre and the walls of the old Tarraco is quite sensational and makes you want to discover its history.

The Balcón del Mediterráneo is situated at the end of the Rambla Nova, a street which has been the centre of life in Tarragona since the late 19th century. A good way to see it up close is simply to walk down this wide avenue which begins in the centre of town. All of a sudden, the modernist buildings give way to a clear, bright view of the Mediterranean. At this point visitors should go up to the iron railing which marks the edge of the ravine, take a deep breath and admire the view for a few minutes.

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El mirador del Estrecho

10.   El Mirador del Estrecho lookout point, in Tarifa (Cadiz): two continents within arm's reach 

The Mirador del Estrecho lookout point is situated six kilometres from the urban centre of Tarifa. It is an exceptional vantage point which enables you to look out over the rugged Mediterranean coastline of Cadiz whilst observing the African coastline on the horizon.

To get to the Mirador del Estrecho you need to go along the N-340 motorway which runs between Algeciras and Tarifa. Perhaps unexpectedly, this lookout point is not right on the coast. It is located on a hillock on the way up to the Puerto del Bujeo mountain pass, three hundred metres above sea level, within the Estrecho Natural Park. This park covers the coastal area between the inlet of Getares, the entrance to the bay of Algeciras, and the cape of Gracia, on the Atlantic coast.

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