Repsol Guide

More than 35 years on the road with travellers

The Repsol Guide is the result of years of experience and dedication to the world of travel. Since its first edition in 1979 its main goal has been supporting Spanish tourism and gastronomy, with a focus on being the best travel companion to help tourists enjoy the diversity of our landscapes and flavours.

It is a complete travel platform that comes to you in different formats (print, online, mobile applications, social networks, etc.) and is tailored to all profiles and experiences to help travellers get the most out of their trips around the Iberian peninsula.

A modern, practicable and handy guide.

Its three volumes –maps, tourism and routes– give you updated comprehensive information for travel to any point in Spain and Portugal:

  • Accurate road information for both countries.
  • Full content on what to visit in each place, the best restaurants and where to stay.
  • And tourism suggestions for exploring along the way with sensory and gastronomic routes.
  • More than

    5 million

    copies sold since 1979.


    72 maps

    of major cities.

  • Fold-out maps at a scale of


    of Spain, Portugal, Andorra and southern France.

  • More than


    Repsol, Campsa and Petronor petrol stations.

  • More than


    recommended restaurants.



    restaurants awarded with Repsol Suns.

  • Tourist information on more than


    cities and towns

  • More than


    unique hotels


    34 new

    tourist routes centred around the best non-perishable foods and drinks in Spain.


    34 excellent products

    –two per Autonomous Community– to discover the best flavours of Spain.


A more useful, practical and inspiring guide.

A strong commitment to the latest mapping techniques, a great number of travel and gastronomy recommendations and the best tools to get the most from your trip and share your experiences make the most comprehensive website for travel in Spain.

Find trip ideas

If you are not sure where you want to go, the Repsol Guide will provide the inspiration to make each trip an unforgettable experience. Ideas about destinations, plans for getting off the beaten track, suggestions for stopping along the way, unknown spots: in short, the best tourism and gastronomy recommendations for the Iberian peninsula in just one click.

The search engine and the high-quality digital content will make choosing your next travel destination a snap.

Plan every detail of your journey

The Repsol Guide is designed to help you think of every detail when planning your trip. Practical information about your destination and full tourism and gastronomy content.

The Repsol Guide maps, in addition to being the best way to get somewhere, let you discover secret corners and practical spots along the way that you never knew existed, so that your trip is easier, safer, more entertaining and more interesting.

And you can use the planner to organise and manage everything you want to do on your getaway. Create your own plans centred on a certain destination, a route or wherever you like. Share the plan with your friends and discover everything there is to see without missing anything.

  • More than

    1 million

    unique users of every month.

  • More than

    130 million

    page visits to the online guide each year.

  • More than

    18 million

    visits to the online guide each year.

  • More than


    subscribers to the Repsol Guide digital newsletter.

  • Information about


    towns and cities.

  • More than



  • Information on more than



  • More than


    tourism and gastronomy recommendations.

  • More than


    articles to inspire you.

  • More than

    3,000 wines

    and nearly 1,500 wineries ranked with between 86 and 99 points.


A more flexible and modern guide.

All the content in the guide is adapted for the device you are using. You can access it on a mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world. Find out about local tourist and gastronomic attractions, nearby spots and typical products to bring home with you.

  • More than


    of the smartphone and tablet applications.


A more social guide.

The Repsol Guide social networks are a real-time communication channel so that travellers can connect and stay informed about everything happening in the world of tourism and gastronomy.

The Repsol Guide shares the best suggestions for discovering Spain, restaurant recommendations, and interesting weekend getaways and vacation destinations in a direct and personal way on the major social networks.

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